New Horizons of Northwest Florida, Inc. - Lighting the Way to Independence for over 74 years!
About Us
Our Mission Statement...
"To help each individual to reach their maximum potential and live the fullest life possible."
 Administrator:  Millicent Robinson 
Current Board of Directors:
Officers - Daniel Eddins, President
                           Richard Gibbs, Vice-President
                              Martha McLaughlin, Secretary 
                        Tony Washnock - Treasurer 
                                             Bob  Moulton                                                                                           Dr. Bernard Atwell                                   
                                              Tim Booker
                                              Michael Solliday                                                                                       
How You Can Help Make a Difference.........
Charitable Contributions...
Your financial contribution to New Horizons of Northwest Florida, Inc., a non-profit organization (501-C3) is tax deductible!
Planned Giving...
You can make a difference by remembering our 54 developmentally and physically challenged clients with a gift from your estate.
Please Feel Free to Contact Our Main Office & talk with one of our Administrative Staff: 
10050 Hillview Drive ** Pensacola, FL, 32514-5499
Phone:  850.474.0866  **  850.474.0667  
Fax:  850.474.0290 or 850.474.0603

Administrative Staff:
Millicent Robinson, Administrator
Susan Harman, MS/Assistant Administrator/QIDP
Renee Farmer, Personnel Manager/Admin. Assistant
Donna Seaton-Byrd, Social Worker
Evan Scott, RN/DON
Michael Jenkins, Dietary Manager
Gene Gongora, Accounting Manager
Debra Orr, Accounting Manager Assistant
Cassandra Baker, Supervisor/Personnel Manager Assistant
Tracy Murfin, QIDP/Supervisor
Ray Hale, QIDP/Supervisor/EC Director
Michelle Perry, Supervisor

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